Ophthalmology Clifton
Ophthalmology Clifton
Ophthalmologist Clifton | Dr. William S. Lesko, MD | Dr. Stuart E. Wunsh, MD | Dr. Cecily A. Lesko, MD | Dr. Patricia Cucci, MD
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Optician Clifton
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North Jersey Eye Associates | 1005 Clifton Avenue | Clifton, New Jersey 07013 | Tel: 973.472.4114

Ophthalmology CliftonNorth Jersey Eye Associates is a group of Board Certified Ophthalmologists who utilize state-of-the-art equipment and technology to offer you high quality comprehensive ophthalmic care and treatment.

All North Jersey Eye Associates physicians are skilled board certified ophthalmic microsurgeons experienced in performing minimal incision, same day surgery including no stitch cataract surgery, cataract intraocular lens implantation, LASIK and PRK laser vision correction,  laser techniques including Yag, Argons and SLT laser treatments for glaucoma, post cataract membranes, and retinal disease.  Treatment for Diabetic Retinopathy and Macular Degeneration, Corneal transplantation, Strabismus (cross eyes) Surgery for eye turns, Ocular Plastic Surgery, Routine Eye care and contact lenses fitting and dispensing.




Ophthalmologists Dr. William S. Lesko, M.D., Dr. Stuart E. Wunsh, M.D., Dr. Cecily A. Lesko, M.D., and Dr. Patricia Cucci, MD
serving Clifton and the surrounding areas.

North Jersey Eye Associates: 1005 Clifton Avenue | Clifton, NJ  07013 | 973-472-4114 | www.northjerseyeye.com
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